EELF 2023

European Environmental Law Forum Conference 2023



30 August – 1 September 2023 | Leipzig


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We cordially invite you to join our EELF 2023, the exchange platform for environmental law professionals

conference to be held 30 August – 1 September at the UFZ in Leipzig.


In 2019 the then newly appointed EU-Commission proclaimed an epochal new political agenda aimed at transforming the European Union towards environmentally sustainable and carbon neutral economy: the European Green Deal (EGD). In accordance with its overarching, transformative ambition the EGD consists of a comprehensive set of sector policies including climate & energy, industry, building, pollution, biodiversity, agriculture and mobility while also addressing the overarching objectives of green finance, just transition, inclusiveness and global responsibility. Since its launch in 2019 the Commission has further elaborated these policies through sector strategies, and based on these strategies, the process has now entered the stage of legal implementation. With a plethora of legislative initiatives the Commission addresses nearly all fields of environmental law, and also goes far beyond traditional environmental regulation towards, inter alia, the greening of energy, agriculture, trade, and finance.


The 10th EELF conference is dedicated to assessing these far-reaching legal developments: how they will play out in their legal context and in national implementation, and whether they will work effectively towards the aspired sustainability transformation – within and beyond EU borders. We shall look at both sector regulation and overarching aspects from a theoretical as well as technical and practical perspective. In accordance with this thematic outreach, we invite contributions to the following subthemes (mentioned keywords mark important aspects but are not exhaustive – for full description, please see here):


A. Overarching and constitutional aspects of the EGD and the role of law in societal transformation

B. Climate Governance and EGD energy policy –in the face of the energy crisis

C. Green industry & circular economy

D. Biodiversity, nature conservation and agriculture

E. Zero Pollution

F. Green Finance

G. Global responsibility

H. Further fields and aspects of EGD implementation


Here you can find the Book of Abstracts.


Best wishes,

Dr. Moritz Reese, Dr. Elisabeth Henn, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Köck & Prof. Dr. Kurt Faßbender

Organizing Committee


Sponsors: This conference is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.



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