EELF 2023

European Environmental Law Forum Conference 2023



30 August – 1 September 2023 | Leipzig


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A. Overarching and constitutional aspects of the EGD and the role of law in societal transformation

• Governance approaches & structures, sustainability targets & target oriented steering, multilevel responsibility, subsidiarity and enforcement issues, policy integration and coherence, innovation and legal sandboxes, knowledge generation & transparency, EGD and the EU Treaties, national constitutions, human rights, intra- and intergenerational justice, just transition, inclusion, democratic values.


B. Climate Governance and EGD energy policy –in the face of the energy crisis

• Development & implementation of the EU climate governance regime including GHG-targets, Fit-for-55-package, Effort Sharing, Climate Law, Governance Regulation, ETS extension, Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), LULUCF Regulation, carbon removal certification framework, Climate Fund, Energy System Integration, REPowerEU, Renewable Energy Directive, Energy Taxation Directive, Energy Efficiency Directive, Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, ReFuelEU aviation proposal, ReFuelEU Maritime proposal etc.


C. Green industry & circular economy

• New Industrial Strategy, Action Plan on a Circular Economy, COM proposals for revision of: Industrial Emissions Directive (focus on resource efficiency), Ecodesign Regulation, Regulation on construction products, Waste Shipment Regulation, Packaging Directive, EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, plastics strategy/Directive, EU green claims regulation


D. Biodiversity, nature conservation and agriculture

• Biodiversity strategy, Farm to Fork strategy, Forest strategy, Natura 2000 extension, Nature Restoration Law, proposal for a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence, legislative framework for sustainable food systems.


E. Zero Pollution

• Zero Pollution Action Plan, Chemicals Strategy, proposed revision of: Ambient Air Quality Directives, Urban Waste Water Directive, Water Framework Directive, Groundwater Directive, Environmental Quality Standards Directive.


F. Green Finance

• Greening EU Budget, EGD Investment Plan, InvestEU, Transition Fund, Next GenerationEU Recovery & Resilience Facility, green state aid guidelines, EU Taxonomy Regulation, Procurement


G. Global responsibility

• EGD in external relations and partnerships, EU in G7 and G20; EGD and trade, greening free trade agreements (FTA), proposal EU Supply Chain Directive, regulation proposal on forest risk commodities, Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), Brussels effect


H. Further fields and aspects of EGD implementation

• Buildings, transport, climate adaptation, oceans



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